By  March 16, 2020 - 4:39pm

Dear Extension Colleagues,

You should be so proud of the proactive response that you as Extension specialists, faculty, and county staff have collectively accomplished in the COVID-19 situation. We are getting calls thanking us for the information you have been providing and the help you are giving to your communities as they face school closures and implementing feeding sites, etc. Although the situation is evolving please continue to be proactive in finding ways to support each other to help our communities and families.

As we move forward: 

1. We are following CDC guidelines for health management. This means: 

  • Sanitizing tables before and after meetings and having handwashing/sanitizing supplies available. 
  • Postponing\cancelling\offering web-based options for all non-essential meetings through April 6.
  • Follow social distancing recommendations of six feet spacing. Meeting rooms should be set up in this configuration.
  • Offering web-based options for essential meetings. The KRS Statute Regarding EDB and Teleconferencing can be found at
  • No meetings will be held with more than 10 people at one time for eight weeks. (See CDC guidance.)

2. To maintain our accessibility to our clientele and balance the health and safety of employees and clientele Extension offices will have the option to reduce public access hours in consultation with their DDs. This will allow you to continue to engage in essential public outreach and to collect soil samples and other items to submit to UK labs. A minimum of four hours per day open to the public is expected. Regular office hours would still apply to answer calls and maintain web access with clientele. District Directors will take the lead to work with counties to make these decisions as appropriate.

3. Agents need to work with DDs to review and discuss any remote work accommodations of agents and county staff. Coordination of work expectations, continuity of county operations and office hours needs to be part of the discussion. To officially request temporary remote work, all employees must complete this form.

Thank you for working to balance the needs of the community during this unprecedented situation.