By  March 12, 2020 - 2:59pm

As part of keeping abreast of the current situation regarding Covid 19 I am planning on sending you regular emails and information.  Currently, the CES is mobilizing to provide information and support to our communities as they deal with both the illness and the impacts of school closures, service reduction (as people have to take off work to care for children), and disruption of daily routines.  Everyone is asked to support our agents to the best of our ability at this time.


  1. Contact me about any state level events until April 6, 2020 to discuss our options.  At this time, the University is still advocating moving forward with essential programs based on a list of criteria.  If you have a program during this time, and it can't be moved to a virtual format, let's discuss.
  2. FCS agents have been mobilized with information form the University and the government regarding, handwashing, sanitation, etc.  As you see information come across your social media, please share and spread the word.  
  3. The closing of schools has created a burden on many working parents.  For those in our office, please let me know if you need to plan on working from home during this time period to provide child care.  We will need to discuss that before it's approved and I want a formal email request and response (so send me another one if we already talked). 
  4. I am asking all specialists to identify ways to support our agents and communities while under these limitations.  One example is the series of Cloverbud Activities that Jennifer will be doing at 10 am during weekdays with her son Reid on social media.  Are there opportunities to do something similar with our 4-H curriculum in your area?  Be creative and let me know your ideas.  If you are posting these through our social media accounts (versus your own) please make sure and coordinate through Rachel to prevent an overload. 
  5. News all have been part of the news releases in the past.  I encourage you to each draft a news release from your program areas that is geared toward the Covid-19 response.  Examples are healthy snacks for kids, activities when stuck at home, etc.
  6. Agent Resources...please work to identify or create resources that agents might share with youth and adults in their counties.  I'll leave "resources" open to interpretation...what do you think they need?  You might also consider offering some short (30 minute) learning sessions through zoom for parents who are stuck at home.  They might be introductions or updates to program areas.
  7. University/Extension Updates - we have been asked to share bulleted updates on our response to supporting communities through this this situation. These should be high level, community wide efforts.  An example would be the "Cloverbud" facebook live videos that are scheduled by Jennifer.  Send me what you are doing on a regular basis.


Thank you for all the work you are doing in this chaotic environment.  I appreciate your work and your support!


Mark Mains