March 12, 2020 - 2:06pm

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment is committed to our mission of research, teaching, and extension. Use the Continuity Planning Worksheet to develop a contingency plan to maintain essential functions in the event of workforce reduction. Adapt the worksheet to meet specific needs in your department/unit.

Complete one worksheet for every essential function in your department/unit. Keep the worksheets for your records and communicate necessary actions to your team.

Step 1. Essential Functions

Identify essential functions in your department/unit. An essential function is something that is required to meet our mission of research, teaching, and extension. Essential functions may include animal care, instruction, lab work, business operations, payroll, etc.

Step 2. Succession/Leadership

Identify personnel who can assume leadership for the essential function in the event the key person normally providing leadership is unable to execute their duties. Identify succession at least three positions deep, where possible. Provide adequate depth to ensure the department/unit’s ability to manage and direct its essential functions and operations.

Step 3. Inputs

Identify products and services upon which your department depends and the internal (within UK) and external (outside UK) entities that provide them. Inputs may include vendors, partners, service providers, etc. necessary to perform the essential function. Consider alternate sources of inputs in the event of supply chain interruptions.

Step 4. Staffing

Identify personnel required to perform the essential function and any required skill sets, expertise, training, or certification. Consider the minimum staffing level required to perform the essential function and the current number of personnel with appropriate training and skills. Develop and execute a plan to provide cross‐training to additional personnel in the event your workforce is reduced.

Step 5. Facility Needs

Identify the primary location of the essential function and whether or not the duties can be performed through telework. If the workforce cannot go to the primary site, consider alternate plans to perform the essential function.

Step 6. Information Needs

Identify which records are vital to the essential function and the primary and secondary methods to access the records. Consider how personnel will access records and files if working remotely (VPN, copies on USB drives, OneDrive etc.).

Step 7. Other

Document additional information related to the essential function.

Print Version - CAFE Continuity of Operations Planning Worksheet Instructions